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Cooperate wholeheartedly to achieve the future together
Shandong Huafei Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional and young management team and a research and development team that is brave in pioneering and innovative and has rich experience, which provides a powerful guarantee for the development of new products, new technologies and new processes. . The company's main products: iron separator, permanent magnet iron separator, electromagnetic iron separator, electromagnetic king iron separator, slurry iron separator, magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator, eddy current separator, copper and aluminum separator Sorting machine, garbage sorting machine, metal detector, mining metal detector, chemical metal detector, food metal detector, belt scale, quantitative feeder, screw scale, spiral quantitative feeder, electronic belt scale, conveyor Machine, large inclination belt conveyor, electromagnetic vibration feeder, motor vibration feeder and other products; widely used in coal, power, mining, metallurgy, papermaking, food, chemical, building materials, glass and other industries.
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With strong technical quality strength, the company sincerely cooperates with friends from various circles at home and abroad to achieve the future together.

  • 9000 certification in English

  • 9000 certification in Chinese

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  • Contract credit certificate

  • Credit rating certificate

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Shandong Huafei Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
Mobile phone: 135-6261-2288 (Manager Zeng)
National Free Hotline:400-0536-599
Address: Middle section of Chuangxin Road, Linqu County, Shandong Province
Technical Support:weifang dianjing

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