RCYK armored belt type iron remover
RCYK armored belt type iron remover
Product Brief:

It is specially used for iron separation from metallurgical slag, direct reduction iron plant, slag stewing workshop and casting workshop.


Environmental protection and no pollution

Environmental protection, no pollution, tailings discharge to meet the requirements of environmental protection

It is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

The whole process is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

High cost inefficiency

High cost inefficiency

High yield and short time

High yield and short reaction time

working principle

Technical features:

The unique design of armored belt can effectively prevent the damage of sharp ferromagnetic debris to the belt, and the operation is economical. At the rated height, the magnetic field intensity is high, the gradient is large, and the suction is strong. No electric excitation, energy saving, automatic iron unloading, convenient operation. Rare earth Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic material as magnetic source has stable and reliable magnetic properties. With belt automatic deviation correction function, special sealed bearing seat, suitable for working in harsh environment. Compact and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance and long-term trouble free operation. Complete specifications, in line with the national standard of ordinary type and higher than the national standard strong type, and explosion-proof type.

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technical parameter



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