Metal detector
Metal detector
Product Brief:

JYG (gjt-b series metal detector adopts chip digital circuit technology, which is suitable for all industries with magnetic and non-magnetic bulk material belt conveying and processing system. It can adjust ore grade, belt speed and ore type, and can carry out digital setting. It has self check function, convenient adjustment and maintenance, intelligent sensitivity adjustment, which can effectively detect and eliminate metal foreign matters, The product quality is improved and the safe operation of crushing equipment is ensured.


Environmental protection and no pollution

Environmental protection, no pollution, tailings discharge to meet the requirements of environmental protection

It is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

The whole process is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

High cost inefficiency

High cost inefficiency

High yield and short time

High yield and short reaction time

working principle


Features: quantitative sensitivity debugging, high sensitivity design, can detect oversize metal and sound and light alarm. Detection range: iron, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy and other metal timing function: relay pull-in delay release, time 1-10 seconds control output: relay contacts a pair of normally open, a pair of normally closed.

Installation method: for sensor installation, the amplitude of belt rack should be less than 0.5mm. When it is more than 0.5mm, the sensor bracket should be installed separately.

Note: when the power supply voltage is unstable, it should be equipped with a regulated power supply.

technical parameter



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