Summary of hoist overhaul contents and maintenance precautions
Summary of hoist overhaul contents and maintenance precautions
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The maintenance rules of the elevator include several parts. The bucket elevator is suitable for lifting from low place to high place. After the supplied materials are put into the hopper through the vibration table, the machine will automatically and continuously run upward. The screw hopper is designed and manufactured according to the actual size of the screw hopper, which can be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of pharmaceutical products The automatic stop and start of the packaging machine is controlled by the signal recognition of the packaging machine. Bucket elevator is a continuous conveying machine that uses a series of hoppers fixed on endless traction components to lift materials vertically. Bucket elevator uses a series of hoppers fixed on traction chain or belt to transport bulk materials in vertical or near vertical direction.


1、 Maintenance contents of hoist

Hoist overhaul is divided into minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.

1. Minor repair

(1) Correct road dredging and refuelling at each refuelling point.

(2) Check the ring chain, chain plate, safety piece, hopper bolt and traction belt, and handle them properly according to the inspection.

(3) Check the condition of each device and repair or replace it if necessary.

(4) Inspection, repair, correction coupling and replacement of vulnerable parts of arrester.

(5) Welding groove in and out of the place to be sealed, so that the sealing process.

2. Medium maintenance

(1) Including minor repairs,

(2) Clean and check the head and tail transmission parts and replace them if necessary.

(3) Replace the deformed link chain, chain plate and hopper.

(4) Clean the reducer, check and replace the vulnerable parts.

3. Overhaul

(1) Including the contents of medium repair.

(2) Inspection, repair or replacement of traction parts and hopper.

(3) The casing must be replaced, repaired or replaced.

(4) Correct or replace guide rail, gear, shaft and housing of reducer for inspection, repair or replacement.

(5) Carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the whole machine.

2、 Precautions for hoist maintenance

A lift must go through strict procedures, including cutting off the power supply, handing over the equipment before cleaning materials, hanging warning signs, etc.

When repairing the hopper, measures should be taken to prevent the traction parts from sliding due to their own weight.

When the arrester is removed, the material in the hopper must be unloaded. It is forbidden to dismantle the reversing device during maintenance. The traction parts must be removed before disassembly, but the opposite is true during installation.

(3) when replacing the traction elements locally or wholly, it should be carried out in the lower view, and the center of gravity of the traction components should be located on the working side of the arrester.

4. Signal transmission from top to bottom should be done well during maintenance. It is strictly forbidden for workers and appliances to fall down to avoid injury. In addition, maintenance personnel should be specially supervised when working at the bottom of the equipment to prevent danger.


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