Description of common faults of quantitative feeder
Description of common faults of quantitative feeder
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The quantitative feeder is mainly aimed at the measurement of powder materials, granular materials and block materials. Due to the property characteristics of the metered materials, different problems will appear in the process of using the quantitative feeder. We can find the corresponding solutions for the common faults of the quantitative feeder.


The common faults of quantitative feeder are described as follows:

1. The fixed feeder will be stopped by materials or the annular belt is damaged by materials in the process of use: in such cases, the ring belt is usually used for a long time, resulting in belt leakage and wire board wear through. At this time, it is necessary to replace the ring belt.

2. The belt deviation fault of the quantitative feeder: the belt deviation of the quantitative feeder can be divided into two situations: loaded deviation and no-load deviation.

3. Feeding failure of quantitative feeder: it is generally related to the type of belt selected, the other is the property of material, and then there is a problem with the belt tensioning device;

4. Quantitative feeder control system failure: there are instruments in the control system of the quantitative feeder, and the instrument of the quantitative feeder is a precision instrument.


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