Causes and precautions of easy burning of vibration motor
Causes and precautions of easy burning of vibration motor
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The working principle of vibration motor is that adjustable eccentric throw block is installed at both ends of the rotor shaft of the motor, and the exciting force is generated by centrifugal rotation, which brings vibration force to vibration machinery. Due to the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and use, and no need to process the transmission device, the vibration motor is applied in various industries. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Due to its own particularity of vibration source, in addition to the causes of common motor burnout, such as phase loss, overload, over-current and short circuit, the main factors that can cause the burnout of vibration motor are as follows:

1. Looseness of anchor bolts. The vibration force produced by the vibration motor in the work will make the anchor bolt easy to loose. If the whole machine is moved by pulling one engine, the foundation bolt will be loose, which will not only cause the floor board to fracture, but also cause the fastening bolts of other parts to loosen, thus burning the motor.

2. The external cable is worn. The external cable used by vibration motor users can only be greater than or equal to the square number of cables configured on the vibration motor, and it is naturally suspended. Attention should be paid to avoid vibration friction with objects or binding wires, so as to prevent short circuit of wires caused by damage of cable rubber.

3. The bearing is locked. The bearing of vibration motor shall be filled with high temperature grease within the specified time, otherwise, the bearing will be locked due to lack of lubrication, which will lead to the burning of the cleaning wire package of the motor.


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