Chain bucket conveyor
Chain bucket conveyor
Product Brief:

Bucket conveyor is a kind of substitute conveyor for scale conveyor. The large conveying angle of scale conveyor can not exceed 30 degrees. Single chain bucket conveyor can be made into 90 degree angle, which can be made into Z-type, C-type and other forms. It is suitable for all kinds of powder and block bulk materials. It is especially suitable for some high temperature, large capacity, large block, sharp edges and grinding Transportation of solid materials with strong properties.


Environmental protection and no pollution

Environmental protection, no pollution, tailings discharge to meet the requirements of environmental protection

It is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

The whole process is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

High cost inefficiency

High cost inefficiency

High yield and short time

High yield and short reaction time

working principle

In the whole process of conveying materials, the chain bucket conveyor has less wear and less running faults due to its slow conveying speed and no relative staggered movement between clinker and hopper. Moreover, it can be transported from the bottom of cooler to the top of clinker silo through a section, with good effect.

technical parameter

The chain bucket conveyor is composed of transmission device, head device, running part, tail device and feeding device. The chain wheel in the head device is driven by the transmission device, and the conveying bucket with material is pulled to run along the track. The material is discharged from the head cover to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. Chain conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment which can not only transport horizontally, but also lift up in an inclined way.

In use, the conveyed materials are introduced into the hopper by the feed port, and transported by the chain driven hopper. When reaching the head wheel, the material changes direction and is discharged from the discharge port. In the whole process of material transportation, due to the slow conveying speed, there is no relative dislocation between clinker and hopper, so the wear is less and the operation fault is less. Moreover, it can be transported from the bottom of cooler to the top of clinker silo, and almost no dust is produced.

Specification and model

Hopper width


Chain speed range


Conveying capacity





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