Eccentric eddy current separator
Eccentric eddy current separator
Product Brief:

Eddy current separator (also known as copper aluminum separator, non-ferrous metal vortex separator) is a new high-tech metal and non-metallic separation equipment developed by our company. The eddy current separator has a good separation effect on a variety of non-magnetic metals. It can effectively separate non-metallic materials from non-ferrous metals and recover various non-ferrous metals. Realize the mechanization and automation of separation process, reduce the labor cost of enterprises, and effectively increase the added value of products.

The vortex current separator is suitable for the recycling of various non-ferrous metals such as municipal solid waste, industrial waste, electronic waste, glass scrap, waste plastic doors and windows, urban wood waste, boiler bottom ash, various metal mixtures, waste automobile (after shredder slicing) copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, as well as material processing and sorting in environmental protection industry.


Environmental protection and no pollution

Environmental protection, no pollution, tailings discharge to meet the requirements of environmental protection

It is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

The whole process is simple, reasonable and easy to operate

High cost inefficiency

High cost inefficiency

High yield and short time

High yield and short reaction time

working principle

Process diagram:

Eddy current separator I.png

Complete set of equipment:

The complete set of equipment is composed of control and main body: the main part mainly includes frame, motor, distributor, sorting assembly (the core part of the equipment), permanent magnet drum, conveyor belt, conveyor drive drum, reducer, protective cover, etc.

Equipment features:

It is easy to operate, metal and nonmetal are separated automatically; the reliable single power supply design makes the system compact and reliable. The span of separable metal particles is large, usually between 3 mm and 100 mm.

Easy to install, customized according to customer's needs, can be effectively connected with new and existing pipeline.

With stronger eddy current, a more effective separator is developed by using its magnetic application technology. The use of high gradient rare earth permanent magnet system has the advantages of low energy consumption and convenient maintenance;

A variety of models are available (the width of material tray can be selected from 300 mm to 1500 mm) and a variety of rotor designs can be selected.

technical parameter



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